Remember when the <marquee> tag was the worst thing you could find on a web page? Good times.

@noelle Thank you for reminding me about blink. My insurance will be in touch.

@craigmaloney does that predate blink by chance?

i cant remember that far back as well anymore ;)

@kemonine @craigmaloney Blink came first. Impressed by how annoying it was, Microsoft decided to one-up Netscape and invented <marquee>.

@Crazypedia @craigmaloney

<marquee>How very annoying</marquee> that @Tusky doesn't handle <blink>either</blink> tag!

Perpetually under construction:

@craigmaloney marquee never even bothers me, ngl.... now people doing full-screen css animations that make me realize how bad my photosensitivity actually is.... i will murder them.

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