Crypto-idealists: so you could have a concert ticket that couldn’t be resold for more than face value! Smart Contracts!

Me, an ancient: but can it be transferred for free? Because here’s my site where you pay me $300 and I transfer it to you for free. Or if it must always be resold for, say, $75–pay me $75 in smart contract and $225 in Visa that the smart contract never sees.

I’ve lived through DRM, kids. Humans will break your unbreakable thing 6 ways in a day.


@platypus Not to mention ticket "resales" are a huge business. Nothing worse than financial motivation for these parasites.

@craigmaloney Right? Like I don’t actually like resellers — they’re awful. But I have seen plenty of what humans do. And these fuckers are far more motivated and better funded for it than, say, I am up get DRM broken

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