@craigmaloney I feel dumb for not even having considered if dropping a smart phone entirely is an option for me. You're right, some kind of portable computer plus a dumb phone might actually work. It really wasn't long ago that's what we were doing anyway.

One question if you happen to know: are there portable computers that also support GPS? I could get a dedicated GPS unit but I'd prefer not to if possible.

@pseudoramble Unsure about GPS, though my spidey-senses say any kind of location-tracking would be anathema to most Linux folks. 😁

@craigmaloney fair. Guess that's a compromise I'm willing to take. Interesting idea either way.


Have you seen planet computer? www3.planetcom.co.uk/

Their products are much more in the pocket computer form factor.

I think they're willing to sell to the USA, and though they're happy to let you install Linux if you want, their devices are intended to be low fuss end user products and come with android preinstalled.

@alienghic If they ever make a USA version that would be perfect. The pound-sign being the UK pound-sign is kind of a non-starter for me.

Yes, I'm meticulous about my keyboard iconography.

@alienghic spoke too soon. Apparently they have a proper USA keyboard.

Still a little pricey, but will keep it in mind.


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