Goodreads: "We no longer want to be a book social network, we're just a funnel for Amazon purchases. Fuck you."

"Why are you removing multiple features on Goodreads?"

The alternatives are looking better each day.

@craigmaloney I abandoned GoodReads years ago, should probably try to remove my account. What alternatives are there that you are aware of?

@thedaemon @craigmaloney

I second that question - could you recommend any alternatives?

@gmmi @thedaemon I'm currently on The StoryGraph and LibraryThing, though my immediate alternative is to not worry about tracking my reading.

@craigmaloney @gmmi I went for curated lists and seeing what other people with similar taste read. I had to give up on tracking as well. Seems pointless honestly.

I highly recommend Bookwyrm, it's a federated & open-source replacement for Goodreads.

@thedaemon @craigmaloney
@bookwyrm Cannot say enough how glad I am I left Goodreads for

It imports Goodreads data too

@Are0h Yeah, I think that's my new book-reading social network. Already imported everything over there. 😁

@craigmaloney I also recommend and/or bookwyrm (on the Fediverse, for anyone who wants to switch

@craigmaloney Oh, I haven't even logged in on Goodreads for--checks notes--years. Are they still around?

@craigmaloney "If you are interested in sharing more of your writing with readers, we encourage you to learn how Kindle Direct publishing can help you." Hahahahaha fuuuuuck yoooooou


> Goodreads will no longer support the ability to create new content for the book reviews recommendations, favorite authors list, creative writing, the condition and details about owned books, friend stories, trivia, quizzes, and adding additional photos to books.

All of these sounds like super useful features, even if most people didn’t use these features. Having them lets those who care about the books they read enough to enter as many details as they want.

@craigmaloney padme: you’re removing features so you can finally fix the broken ones you got, right?


@craigmaloney I have no hope at all for goodreads. The one alternative I tried (rdng) didn’t recognize any books I was reading, so I’ll try out story graph now. Here’s hoping a good service for tracking books exists!

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