Selfishly hoping that gas goes to $40 a gallon so I never have to hear a gas-powered lawnmower again.

@craigmaloney You'd still hear them out here. No way to use an electric mower to maintain 1.5 acres of property.

But - when I lived in the city and had a smaller lawn, I wished the cordless electric mowers had been affordable. I would have preferred to use one of them instead of a gas powered mower.

@Unatributed @craigmaloney sure there is! get rid of the lawn and replace it with local plants that don't need to be constantly beaten into submission with gardening tools to look ok. and while you're busy killing the grass kill suburbia too

@alexisvl @craigmaloney Zero maintenance lawns have existed for a while. They are good when they can be implemented on a small scale. But something like 1.5 acres is a bit more difficult to implement it.

Plus, I'd personally have concerns about ecological impact, especially given that I live in farming country.

@Unatributed @craigmaloney yeah i'm sure filling 1.5 acres with grass and constantly maintaining it has no ecological impact

why do you have 1.5 acres anyway if you don't use it for anything but collecting grass and showing it off?

@alexisvl @craigmaloney Because the house came with 4 acres of property, and the other 2.5 is wooded. ;)

@craigmaloney I feel like I remember learning you can put something even more awful in little two-strokes like that... kerosene maybe?

@craigmaloney In Maui we saw electric industrial mowers that were almost silent. It was glorious.

@sng @craigmaloney people around here are big on rumba like lawn mowers. They are completely silent.

@craigmaloney You have just given me hope for a brighter future.

@craigmaloney Also no more stupid motorbikes and cars revving up for fun... 🙏


Here in Italy gas is over 2.10 €/litre, that makes $8.50/gal.
In December it was at $7.20/gal.

Do you think people stopped to use motors?

And do you think oil companies will reduce the price, seeing that people don't reduce the consumption?

@GustavinoBevilacqua you do realize my original comment was half serious / half in jest?

And if gas becomes unaffordable folks will be more motivated to find alternatives. $8.50 a gallon puts a pinch in spending but is still affordable. Filling up your lawnmower at $40 a mow (roughly) will make you think twice about mowing.


But at least mowing has a sort of "scope".

What about going errand with a boat gurgling 10 gallons/hr, or running (but to go where?) with a go-kart?

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