@TheGibson I played PWEI's "Not Now James, We're Busy" on college radio.

It's got a very non-FCC-approved line in it.

That sailed out onto the airwaves.

I thought i was a goner when the phone rang. It was the station manager. He asked if the song had a "No" through it. It did not.

He then instructed me to mark that track as a "no" and that was the end of it.

@craigmaloney @thegibson I played a bunch of FUCKS but I mostly did a 10 PM-2 AM or 2-6 AM slot, with FCC warning a couple times a show. On daytime shows (so much shorter & easier!), I had to be real careful and I *think* I never played a FUCK? Never got caught anyway. I hate radio edits. #dj

@mdhughes @TheGibson Yeah, I'm not a fan of radio edits either unless they're really creative.

@craigmaloney @mdhughes

I once said "Yank a knot in their ass" on the air in the early 90's...

I didn't get fired... but only becaus e fellow DJ at almost the same time got the station sued by Hannah-Barberra.

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