bandcamp, record stores 

The reason a lot of folks like myself are so distraught over the acquisition of Bandcamp is that we've seen this before.

Record shops were plentiful. There were the mediocre ones, the good ones, and the exceptional ones. The exceptional ones retained talented folks that understood music and really could predict the next big thing or the undiscovered talent that you needed to hear right now.

Those shops disappeared. Those folks moved on. The community evaporated. (cont)


bandcamp, record stores 

I feel the same way for the loss of Bandcamp like I did when Google+ dried up. What's disappearing is the community. Even if Epic's merger is flawless there will be attrition from artists, Bandcamp staff, and the public. They've already poisoned the well with this acquisition. The ecosystem is disturbed. Change is coming whether you want it or not.

it's the same thing as losing your favorite record store where it was a challenge to leave there without buying anything.

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