"The joke goes, "Stop saying you were promised flying cars. Unless you were born in 1935, you weren't promised flying cars, you were promised a cyberpunk corporate dystopia. You're welcome."

"Or, in the immortal words of Blank Reg, "You know how we said 'No Future'? Well. This is it."

Note: Crypto-apologists will be blocked. Life's too short for your whining apologies. You're cooking the planet and remaking it in your own image. Fuck off.

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re: cryptocurrency 

@craigmaloney We “were promised flying cars” though around the end of the 1960s when our culture got decisively captured by a hostile ruling elite (in the US) and New, Improved Leftist environmentalism really took hold, followed by the Limits to Growth scam starting in the early 1970s.

Given the latter we should be happy we can in some sense afford proof of work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, although I fully agree they’re massively wasteful.

re: cryptocurrency 


"If you can't use a thing to buy porn, that thing is not a currency."



@craigmaloney I love the comment with the Bauhaus' song text that was posted to this.

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