I have gone from Matrix skeptic to subscribing to in the course of a year.

New hypocrite. Who dis?

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@craigmaloney Heh, I actually think the ability of a person to change their mind based on new inputs as more than rare and laudable.

@craigmaloney Skepticism resulting in a reasoned evaluation is hardly hypocrisy.

@craigmaloney I'd be more on board with these services if they were more reasonably priced ... $5 a month for a messaging app?! That make no sense based on the type of resources it requires IMHO

@lps It's free otherwise. The $5 is for the Signal and other bridges.

@craigmaloney I'm still torn between that and XMPP... What do you like about Matrix?

@isagalaev I like them both, but Matrix offers more bridging support at the moment.

@craigmaloney I didn't realize at all it was possible to talk to various proprietary networks from it. That's kind of a killer feature!

@isagalaev @craigmaloney damn, when did Element One launch? I was previously paying for their $10/mo 5 user plan but that seems overkill.

The WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram bridging is wild. I'll definitely stop using at least two of those if this works well

@aruns @isagalaev @craigmaloney well, yes and no. The proprietary bridges cost extra on the $10 plan, and I don't have 5 users so I only picked it because it's the cheapest and I wanted to support the project.

@aruns @isagalaev @craigmaloney this is the sort of #adversarialinteroperability that @pluralistic advocate, so I'd rather it be managed for me anyway, I bet at least one of those three will try to break it at some point

@michel_slm It's important to understand that this bridging feature has an impact on end-to-end encryption for the bridged services. Just saying. @isagalaev @craigmaloney

@schaueho do you mean that encryption only works between you and the bridge, but not further towards the foreign client? Or something else?

@isagalaev The bridge itself is the client from Signal's perspective. Even if the communication between the bridge and your client is encrypted by Matrix, there is a point in time where your data is deciphered on the server and you have to trust the server. At least this is my understanding. And that's different from a pure end to end encryption.

@schaueho @isagalaev Yeah, it's a Matrix-in-the-Middle, if you'll pardon the expression. 😁

@craigmaloney @schaueho @isagalaev I have been very mistrusting of putting my auth data from an e2e service into another service via bridge.

I would be okay if I self hosted xmpp or matrix; or if bitlbee or libpurple supported it all well. However self hosting those two can be difficult to maintain.

I think now I am at a point where I long for a tabbed window experience where I can gather arbitrary windows (IM clients) into one tabbed window. I think sway and friends can do that but I would then really need to learn sway keyboarding.

@schaueho true. So you can host your bridge yourself if that's important to you. But I agree, it's something to be aware of.

@craigmaloney Nah, I'll wait for you to self-host that monster of a home server, only then I'll count you as converted

@craigmaloney I was in the same camp. Then I finally got around to trying it out and have really enjoyed it. Mostly, I like that I can access the remaining IRC channels I wanted to in addition to having a self hosted solution for video chat and encrypted chat.

Just nice to control that on my own hardware.

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