Your periodic reminder that Penguin Random House LLC, Hachette Book Group, Inc., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., HarperCollins Publishers LLC. are suing the Internet Archive:

Until they figure this out I'm being extra careful to not add to their legal fund by purchasing the plaintiffs' materials.

@craigmaloney This lawsuit has a bunch of valid points that are irrelevant to the publishers but important to authors.

And a bunch of garbage that nobody wants.

@mwlucas @craigmaloney 🍬 As an equine who isn't familiar with human copyright law, what are the points relevant to authors? Are the points that are garbage all the ones that are directly relevant to the publisher? 🍬

@lyrabon @craigmaloney

We own the copyright. It is ours to exploit. This is relevant.

The publisher might have licensed those rights from us, but they are choosing to NOT exploit them for vast numbers of books. This makes the publisher's interest bogus.


@mwlucas @lyrabon That's also before you get into author-hostile contracts like work-for-hire or signing over the rights to the publisher, but that's a separate issue.

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