"Because the cloud fucked up one too many times, so Mommy decided to set up her own networked cloud with the other mommies in the neighborhood in a mesh network and distributed fault-tolerant storage"

@craigmaloney Where do I find these other mommies?

Do I need to go put up flyers asking of anyone wants to try mesh networking?

Or should I just make an open network "lets_make_a_mesh"

@alienghic @craigmaloney what, like ?

(IIRC there were several mom-oriented hackerspaces, but I don't know how many survived the pandemic)

@phooky @craigmaloney thing pretty neat though I think they're too far away from me to be mesh peers. ;)

@craigmaloney I read mesh network, any thoughts on the Yggdrasil Network?🙃

@craigmaloney Somedays 'tis The Cloud, other days 'tis The Mist. Either way, local computer power is better.

@craigmaloney “you’ll put all your stuff in the cloud once you finally get fibre NBN” “no, I bloody won’t - I’m keeping my records and development right here where I have them secure and reliable!”
Admittedly, we might maybe backup to the cloud, rather than to 2 on-site NASes because we fear bushfires…

@craigmaloney How do we easily acheive this in the real world? I'd like local fault-tolerant servers that are very easy to maintain, please.

@craigmaloney At a previous job one of my first assignments was to "move everything off Heroku and onto our own servers" following yet another Heroku fuck-up

@craigmaloney We've had our own server for years. I don't think my kids have ever asked because it's just always been there.

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