Reminder that sites like github / Sourceforge, et al that don't ban countries that are on the USA's "no exports" lists face criminal penalties for continuing to service those countries.

source: worked at Sourceforge when we had to ban certain countries.

Trust me, it's not a decision I agreed with or thought was useful. But my feelings on it were irrelvant.

If you want to change the system change the export laws related to open source projects and contributions outside of the USA.


Also, export controls are useless posturing in the digital age. They were ridiculous in the "This T-shirt is a munition" era (a T-shirt that had a cryptographic algorithm printed on it that couldn't be exported), and they're still ridiculous.

Pressure the companies, sure, but pressure them to get the stupid laws changed.


@craigmaloney I'd forgotten about those T-shirts. I always wanted one...



@noelle I had one of them that I'm not finding. i think it was the Dolphin code or something. I'll have to see if I can find it again.

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