nft, veve 

So I looked into VeVe which partnered with Chaosium to do a batch of NFTs for some Cthulhu Idol Augmented Reality dingus or what-not. And I'm really confused.

Apparently these things are part of some VeVe app, so you can only use them with this app.

So the whole NFT thing seems extra pointless, save for the "investment" angle or what-have-you.

I mean, if the whole point of the exercise is to have some limited edition digital doo-dads in an app then why does it need the NFT aspect?

nft, veve 

It's like someone said "hey, you know what definitely needs some more asshattery? Nintendo Amibos. But without the figurine bit that has some tangible value.

I know Chaosium is just providing the license for this because why the fuck not, but it takes a special level of douchebaggery to think "what if DRMed pieces of digital doo-dads, but with the ability to be bought or traded"?

I shouldn't be surprised, because every time I dip into cryptocurrency it somehow winds up being far worse

nft, veve 

@craigmaloney Just wait until they combine NFTs with loot boxes.

nft, veve 

@craigmaloney I speant years thinking I didn't understand bitcoin/blockchain because there was no way it could be that stupid. Turns out I understood it just fine.

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