facebook outage 

I have Facebook blocked at the router. I can't tell you how many sites beak because they fail to load a piece of code from Facebook's servers.

Imagine all of the sites that now won't work because of this outage.

I can't tell you how to write your code but please accept this taste of what happens when you rely heavily on one "always on" constant that isn't there.

(Note: please keep the grandstanding and "facebook bad" out of my mentions

facebook outage 

@craigmaloney thanks to 🚫NoScript🚫 i get to see how many sites load code from all over the place, and... sometimes it looks better without any of those resources loaded, and often it just doesn't work at all

re: facebook outage 

@meena @craigmaloney Same on Noscript, and I wish I could block FB at the firewall or router, but it would be a question of who howled louder, some of the faculty, or students in the res. hall.

re: facebook outage 

@craigmaloney what we learned today is that doing this causes the facebook app to spam your router

@craigmaloney Regardless of what one think about Facebook's policies, I don't think today's outage is relevant regarding anyone's reliance on Facebook's includes. It's an isolated incident that was unlikely to happen and will be even unlikelier to happen again.

Meaning that if a website owner wasn't caring about the availability of third-party includes before, it is unlikely to me that they will move providers or even start caring. This outage is inconvenient but it will be solved.
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