everybody has those bands that they used to listen to on heavy rotation but have gone on to mostly forget all about since.

grand funk railroad is one of mine, and every time a song of theirs comes on some sort of shuffle it's almost a mandela effect effect.

bad company is another. same thing happens.

these were both very successful well known bands and should cause my brain no strife. wtf brain.

anyway, I guess this is now a thread of artists you've mostly left in the dust that used to be pillars of your listening room.


@djsundog For me it's a lot of the progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, and the like. Used to groove on a lot of that stuff but after Neal Morse left Spock's Beard and Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater I haven't really played those bands much. Not that I don't dust them off from time to time but they're not the mainstays of my musical listening.

Also Megadeth and Metallica. Not that their early stuff isn't good but there's more interesting things to pay attention to now.

@craigmaloney @djsundog New Megadeth is interesting, better than the early albums which were already good but kind of rough. Mustaine learns new things with each album.

Metallica can eat a billion shits for suing fans.

@craigmaloney @djsundog Id have to second Dream Theater. Back when i was a plaid clad grunge/metal junkie I was really into them... now I can't even remember their songs.

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