I blogged about my stance on NFTs with artists and publishers. Basically it's the three-strikes rule. If you release more than three batches of NFTs then I'm out.

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@craigmaloney lol you do realise that you can mint NFTs on blockchains that use PoS instead of PoW, i.e. don't require miners and therefore large amounts of electricity, right? There's thriving NFT scenes on Cardano, Tezos, and Solana to name a few, all of which are PoS.

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@aspie4K Pardon me while I'm unimpressed and couldn't care less.

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@craigmaloney except it renders your beef against NFTs null and void, because there is no environmental damage, that is only applicable to Ethereum.

The fact you don't care the environmental issue only applies to one blockchain NFTs are sold on tells me your real beef with NFTs is not environmental at all, likely more knee jerk or just envy at the amount of money they sell for etc.

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@aspie4K You have more to win by me saying that NFTs and blockchain are valuable than from me saying they're not. My legitimizing this Ponzi scheme gives it credence.

I'm not giving you that.

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@craigmaloney your opinion has zero impact on the value of the NFT market so I really don't care, my initial reply was trying to clear up a common misconception (NFTs inherently cause environmental issues) but as you just confirmed, that's merely a cover and your real issue with NFTs is emotionally charged and lies elsewhere.

Good luck with that. This internet thing is all a big scam too. Gonna collapse any minute.



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@aspie4K You need me to be wrong more than I need you to be right.

My opinion means nothing in the grand scheme other than I sow doubt. Doubt is antithetical to the mass-belief that there's any value at all.

You need me to be wrong more than I need you to be right.

If I'm right then it's a scam. If I'm wrong then I'm a crank.

If you're wrong then we've wasted resources for something that's pointless and fucked our environment.

You need me to be wrong more than I need you to be right

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Plenty of people with more influence than yourself are already calling NFTs a scam, much like how Warren Buffet and major investment banks said the same about bitcoin. Look how that worked out.

Go ahead and call NFTs a scam all day long. Makes zero difference to me.

I let you know only Ethereum NFTs have the environmental concerns because I thought you posted in good faith, but evidently I was mistaken.

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