I rememver my old boss at a previous job swearing up and down about beyond-compare. I scoffed at him because I felt that I already had everything I needed on the Linux command line with less overhead.

May I direct your attention to the following:

diff -r --brief dir1 dir2


diff -r --side-by-side dir1 dir2

UNIX: Everything is a file, so act accordingly.

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@craigmaloney I use a graphical diff tool occasionally when I want to merge files or the differences are complex, but I use basic `diff -y` (aka --side-by-side) quite regularly.

@CarlCravens vimdiff is my tool of choice for the graphical diff, but different tools for different tasks. 😁


I used at a previous job and loved it. Then I left there and found myself without a license so I resorted to meld. It’s fine; not worth paying to switch to BC.

In conclusion, meh.

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