It's my birthday. It also would have been Neil Peart's birthday yesterday.

Be your loudest self today if you can.

Play the loudest song you have as loud as you can.
Make something the loudest way you can stand
Love someone the loudest way imaginable.
Be quiet the loudest way possible.
Give yourself comfort in the loudest fashion available to you.

Live as loud as your heart and spoons can muster, if you can.

πŸ₯ 🎡

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@craigmaloney happy birthday, dude. I've appreciated your blog posts recently as well. Thanks.

@craigmaloney and the meek shall inherit the earth

( now back to building the great computers )

@craigmaloney loudly made it through 2112, Caress of Steel and the beginning of Fly By Night, but fam's sleeping, so gotta rather extra mellow playing of Rivendell right now

@lufthans As a dyed-in-the-wool Rush fan you have my permission to play Rivendell as softly as possible and as minimally as possible.

(That's my least-favorite Rush song ever, and contrary to the band I actually liked Tai Shan)

@craigmaloney I like Tai Shan as well. I also like Rivendell. It's a nice, mellow piece and it's also Tolkien, so ++

I also like I Think I'm Going Bald, so pay no attention to me :)

Tomorrow will be a visit to Electric Ladyland

@craigmaloney happy birthday!! being loud has never been a problem for me (ask my husband L O L) but I'll surely honor you with my loudness today!

@craigmaloney I am at work today, but I will play some "loud" music in my headphones in honor of your birthday. Happy birthday! 🎈 🎊

played some RATM.. very loud! Happy birthday \m/

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