I shall never forgive W3C for trading b for strong and i for em.

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@craigmaloney but what about those who can't see bold or italics text, or even text in general?

@tusooa @craigmaloney The best thing would be to use "i" for stylistic choices and "em" for emphasis. This way, screen readers could be programmed to use the "em" to stress the content like a human would do. The problem is that you won't be able to get all people who program websites to use the tags correctly. Worth a thought though.

@tusooa @craigmaloney Definitely. When I first learned HTML, CSS didn't exist, so I still do have the old tags in my head. Separating style from content is important though, and it's better for everyone. When I reprogrammed my homepage from layout tables to css, not only did it hopefully make using a screen reader easier, but it's also saving me about 1/2 of the bandwidth!

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