True facts:

If you took all of the words written in all of human history and put them together, end-to-end, you'd have a really terrible run-on sentence.

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@craigmaloney imagine the being a chronological file somewhere of everything written from the very first writing.

Parts of the file is corrupted as things got lost to history.

@craigmaloney you won't be able to make sense of it, unless you already knew what to look for, because imagine the amounts of words being written at the same time.

@maloki If I ever get a time-travel assignment my first course of action is to travel to the Library of Alexandria to talk about offsite backups.

@craigmaloney yes. But also, those backups may exist, but they are in the future. 🤔

@maloki Knowing our luck they were archived by Polaroidus of Instacamera.

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