I really think Microsoft and Windows 11 are making a huge mistake by having ads at the OS level. If it's simple enough to mess up the delivery mechanism for ads imagine what a hostile actor could do on your machine if they have access to (I'm assuming) a HTML or other layer on your machine through Microsoft's ad network

(Note: Not the place for telling me that MS is "evil" or about alternatives. I've preached that gospel, and frankly the parroting is tiresome)

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@craigmaloney Microsoft is fairly unique. Normally anything stupid you find in tech is either incompetence XOR malice, but with Microsoft, they have malicious to purely greedy intent, and then execute it in the most fucked-up, brain-checked-out-not-returned fashion possible.

So of course they're running random snippets of HTML/JS/CSS/COMX/VBScript/C#/whatever from "advertisers" in a little Edge window. Anyone who can pay them a little money can pwn any Windows machine.

@craigmaloney wait, what the fuck? security issues aside even, isn't this an obvious sign of disrespect for your users...?

@craigmaloney yeah I know you had just said "don't talk about microsoft being evil" and I'm with you there but I think it's fair to say "this action is just obviously bad"

@cwebber Oh no doubt. Was more that it would be a long conversation and we'd need to stay hydrated.

@craigmaloney @cwebber I think Microsoft knows it can get away with it.

I mean, just have a look at the reporting:

The general vibe is markedly different from "what the actual fsck is Microsoft even thinking putting ads in the OS"...

@cwebber @craigmaloney

Microsoft saw people putting up with ad supported software on Android and thought I'd like some of that revenue stream too.

(Even though security press have been pointing out the vast array of privacy and security issues that come with ad supported software, many ordinary users still seem to prefer ads over paying for software).

@cwebber @craigmaloney Meh, I've had a talk about online advertising with someone I know a while ago. This is your average person, not very interested in computers and the tech around it, but uses it for whatever it's needed and to keep contact with friends via fb. In their opinion adds, especially personalised ones, are a good thing. It helps them discover new things and find cool stuff to get. (Their words, not mine.) So for this person, adds aren't a sign of disrespect at all, and actually a feature. I personally think this is disrespectful, and I'm sure many people on fedi do too. But, how hard we may find this to believe, your average user apparently doesn't always think so.

@ilja @craigmaloney When users are given a feasible option, you see them switch away from these kinds of things.

It's an issue of empowerment rather than "people don't care". People don't feel like they have options within their reach.

@cwebber @ilja @craigmaloney
Feels like there's also an element of pessimism as a user when many of the alternatives don't federate or share compatibility too...

But that's my experience with Skype and fleeing from it, it's very telling how abusive in-app adverts are when Microsoft has an example of how those ruin user experience, and then they double down by including it in their OS.

@craigmaloney There's this future that multiple science fiction stories have envisioned, where no matter where you go, you basically can't get away from the ads. Transit shows you ads, the smart home shows you ads, of course your phone and computer show you ads. Your employer is even paid to show you ads. And I really feel that we're headed into a nightmare universe where not even sleep will provide respite from advertising.

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