bring back distinguishable icon colors in UI design tbh


@cwebber Every time I see a modern interface i think about the early days of the Macintosh and Lisa and wonder how we managed to take 40+ years and remove all of the visual cues that made those interfaces simple to pick up and use.

@craigmaloney @cwebber Back then, I think, interfaces *had* to be easy to grasp, because everybody was a newbie. Also, interface design was done by serious interface designers and wasn't the "export a bit of photoshop tomfollery and call the resulting mash of HTML+CSS an interface" it is today. More interface and UX design is being done by people who approach it purely visually.

@craigmaloney @cwebber I just saw Outlook for the first time in years. Oh my. What an utter disaster it's turned in to. Settings scattered across 5 different places, low-contrast UI elements... My wife, who was used to Gmail, was fairly confused. Even I couldn't figure out how to make the darn thing show email addresses of senders. Suddenly I realize why corporate phishing is so easy. The UI encourages it!

@craigmaloney @cwebber If you listen to idiots, then you get shit.

Previously phones had removable batteries, they were removed because consumers wanted thinner phones.

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