Are there any good books on how to do beautiful layout in LaTeX? I have most of the Addison Wesley / Pearson / InformIT books but wondered if there was some brave soul out there that has something more like a tutorial of not only "put these commands here to make this work" but also goes into the "why" of the design they chose.

(Note: this is a specific question for a specific item. Alternatives are not requested. Spitballing web searches are not helpful. I want an artifact, not Stack Overflow).

@craigmaloney If you find something, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

@craigmaloney (Context: we'd like Subplot to produce beautiful PDFs, but typography is not something we're good at.)

@craigmaloney I would also be interested in this! Whenever I've looked, I've come up with LaTeX books, or typesetting/design books, but not one that combined both

@craigmaloney That is a great and tough question. I always start with styling template when trying to make latex documents (CTAN has a lot available), then mess around with options in the geometry package or define new functions/environments to get things to look the way I want them to. There's not a lot of top-down design thinking from me, unfortunately. I just try and pick templates that do that heavy lifting for me.

I wish I could better answer your question, but I can't.

@craigmaloney oh god please let me know if you find this. My approach historically has been "book a week or two of heads-down time where I can scream at latex and ddg for failing me. then emerge with a perfect stylesheet and promptly forget how it works"

@craigmaloney I'd be interested to see recommendations along these lines too.

I know you said "no Stack Overflow", but I assume you've seen the one specific Stack Overflow TeX thread which has a bunch of examples of beautiful layouts in LaTeX (some cool things there, and some links to TeX sources).

The other thing which comes to mind (with reservations) is Tufte-ian things - and there is even a Tufte package (though I found it better to recreate specific elements I liked rather than using the package, in the end).

Not TeX specific, but there are things like Jan Tschichold's /The Form of the Book/ (1991) which could serve as inspiration.

But none of these are quite on the mark of what you're looking for, I fear.

@emacsomancer Thank you. That's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for more of a tutorial on putting together the classses and styles for a layout as opposed to reverse-engineering an existing template.

@craigmaloney I'd be interested if you come across anything of this sort myself.

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