"U is for Unix, lost in the night.
V is for vi, SIGKILLed in spite.

W is for Windows, wiped for BSD.
X is for Windows, stabbed in a spree..."

This will not end well... #dnsssecmastery2e

"A is for Apple, that you don't control,

B is for BeOS, lamented unknown."


Y is for yacc(1), a sound that is rude
Z is for ZFS, a favorite of Jude

@ed1conf @mwlucas E is for ed, the editor you should use.
F is for find, the syntax quite obtuse.

@craigmaloney @ed1conf @mwlucas Q is for Qemu which has had some success
R is for ReiserFS who's namesake had to confess.


@Capheind @ed1conf @mwlucas

S is for SystemD, a topic I'll digress
T is for Top, to locate why it's in distress

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