Finding out that there's the "PiStorm" which is an adapter board and software combination for a RPi 3A to act as a 68K processor is the sort of thing that makes me wonder how far down the rabbit hole folks will go (*) in order to accelerate their 16 bit computers.

(correct answer: Pretty sure that someone will hack an Amiga to the point where it can reliably run a modern version of Chrome and then whine to Google about first-party support)

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@craigmaloney I think most of this sort of thing is based on a combination of nostalgia and a bit of wishful thinking - the goal is usually to come up with something like "what if <obsolete computer> by <long gone computer company> had become an industry standard and had newer faster revisions? what would that have been like?"

@craigmaloney (also note that the motorola 68k series was actually 32-bit - with some caveats that the first generation chip still had some 16-bit limitations that were later removed)

@craigmaloney so, thinking about it some, if the Amiga had someone maintained success and relevance to the present, they probably would have followed Motorola's switch to the PowerPC processor. At some point in the 2000s, after getting frustrated with power/performance issues maybe they would have gone over to Intel. But i bet right around now they'd be switching over to ARM.

I feel like I've heard that story from some other company.

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