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It's articles like this that make my blood boil:

How dare you, John. Employees should have a say in how they're being treated, especially when their lives are on the line. Your post reads like the usual "suck it up, buttercup" "employees who don't want to return to the office aren't your top performers" bullshit that has been floating around.



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Perhaps your right and the only recourse for these employees to do is to quit. With fans like you backseat driving the company at every turn, and thinking they can do no wrong unless they've clearly stepped in it I would want to quit as well. But it's not our say, and your reckless disregard for the safety of those who make the doo-dads you love is a really bad look.

In closing, fuck off.

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@craigmaloney he's a self-important waste of blog space these days.

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@djsundog @craigmaloney Also the entire history of the labor movement would like a word with him regarding worker input on management choices.

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@craigmaloney We're not supposed to say this out loud: "Companies are not democracies"*. We're supposed to say: "At company X, we are like a family", and be nothing at all like a family.

What a strange professional fanboy.

* And I dispute the idea it would "sink in a snap" if it were.

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Companies can be democracies, or, at least, a lot more democratic than the current dystopian cliquish hell holes they are right now.

I have thought for a long time that employees owned coop are the only form of companies that should be allowed. They have a reputation for being more efficient and much better places to work.


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