Stack Overflow bought for 1.8bn

independent, no changes, blah blah blah. Sorry, but I've heard that song before. When you're not printing money fast enough is when the founders start taking time off and pursuing other projects. Then the screws come out and the water comes to a boil.

Just remember folks that your community is not an asset, it's your reason for existing at all. Many companies forget this.

problem is it's the best resource out there because everything else sucks. I'm not looking forward to having to trawl forums trying to find oblique information that nobody updates.

If we had good searchable documentation with clear examples there would be no reason for Stack Overflow to exist. And yet here we are, and now we're thrown into the uncertainty of it existing in 5+ years.

@craigmaloney How much code have you written and how excited were you to put in a good effort for documentation after the damn thing finally worked?
Beta testers, translators and tech writers are a very unappreciated part of our universe and this needs to change.

@craigmaloney So they are now basically owned by Tencent? Wow! 🤯

@craigmaloney Looks like they are going on an “exciting journey”. It’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes the new ownership to realize the true cost of running a giant community site like that… it’s typically more than what’s on paper.

@tsturm @craigmaloney ...

what true cost? Are you somehow under the belief that this will not change, and it will continue as it is now?

I mean I'd love to still be able to have that sort of thought but I mean ... I'm old now so that can't happen.

Basically, what I expect to happen, based on living on earth and watching humans, is that the community will be removed and replaced with something that makes the owners a lot of money, and there ain't shit that will be done about it - other than "we have no chance to survive, make our time, move every zig"

to that end, I'm wondering how much difficulty it will take to mirror the zigs

@Truck @craigmaloney Oh no, I very much expect the current site to be changed until people hate it enough to take their community somewhere else… I give it 3 years before everybody notices the changes and we all agree that the long downhill slide has started…

@tsturm @craigmaloney

Given what happened 2 years ago (with the removal of admins at the hands of the administration, and so on...) this may actually be faster than normal.

It may also be _slower_ as they may, in fact, be duped into believing that "nothing will change" while it's changed, yet again, under their noses.

Still... I think I'll ask if anyone has begun the archival...

So do what open office and freenode did before them. Just
FORK IT! :-)
The commons is the treasure and it's not for sale.

@gemlog @craigmaloney

I distinctly remember a federated style verison of this being developed somewhere...

still: the knowledge there is likely best archived, and I expect that will go on, which will continue to be attacked for hosting this type of content, just like the 'publishing industry' is doing now...

"Truck you sound bitter and disillusioned" "Yes, I survived 2020 so far, and the decades before that"

We're all in this together. Keep your stick on the ice! :-)

@gemlog @craigmaloney

to that end: sorry your country isn't doing well. Mine is, so... people be happy here in Finland (:

and I meant the old joke from the Red Green show on the CBC :-)

@gemlog @craigmaloney

Hmm, I need to look something up. I mainly know this hour has 22 minutes and of course kids in the hall. oh and the frantics, but that's more radio.

Wow. I"m impressed you know those things! We are a small country!

You probably like "Talking to Americans"
I haven't had tv for years, but these are old.
Rick Mercer Talking to Americans: Mike Huckabee
I know most usians aren't that stupid. Just their leaders are.
I used to go down there on day trips when I was younger. Now, you literally couldn't pay me to cross the border into the usa. It's a horrible place.Rampant pigs, no medical care, racist as fuck... Nope.


born on Nez Pierce land.
Lived in the states for 35 years.
Not interested in going back.

@wizzwizz4 @gemlog @craigmaloney

Excellent. And there are folks looking at the dumps at ?
(I shall go look for them, and see if they are in somewhat usable state; it's probable that something will try to change the licensing on the content... we need to be careful about that too, and I do recall something about that changing around the 'Monica' debacle.)

@wizzwizz4 @gemlog @craigmaloney

Yes, I recall the "mostly" part. And the discussion; I'm FAIRLY sure this will move in a sensible way - however, as there's a (more than likely) hostile entity looming with keys to the kingdom, I'm wondering about preparations.

It sounds like it's being covered, though - hopefully some discussion is taking place somewhere other than StackExchange, so it isn't suddenly cut off; hopefully also not Discord, as that could just as easily be cut off. Obviously a good solution would be a federated discussion, but I'll bet some communities aren't able to do that quite so easily... so there may be some resistance to open discussion that is hosted in a place that isn't controlled by a hostile entity.

I'll post this answer to my timeline as there were some folks asking me what happened (they weren't aware) when I asked about archival there (to avoid 'down the timeline, no visibility' issues)

@craigmaloney @sconlan Yeah I think it's nearly impossible for most companies to even conceptualize that; entire worldview (especially with Silicon Valley) presupposes, among other things, that all aspects of a company are assets and can be treated as such, literally inconceivable to them that anything couldn't have a price tag.

@craigmaloney there’s not a single good thing that can be said about SO’s community. May that site rot in hell.

@craigmaloney hopefully this is the opportunity for things to actually get better in the world of software development - be it a better platform than StackOverflow (which itself was made explicitly as a replacement for Experts-Exchange) or focusing on support and documentation closer to the origin (gotta love libraries that say “for support, go to this StackOverflow tag) or something new entirely.

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