Computer Litaracy:

1980s: Ensure that the floppy disk was inserted properly, learned a few BASIC programs, able to type in letters into a word processor

1990s: Able to use several Office-style programs, use a mouse, send email, use a shell account, possibly program in C.

2000s: Able to connect to the internet and send email, browse the web, and order things online.

2010s: Type things into Google get answers, understand that there's incognito mode

2020s: be able to unmute your microphone

@craigmaloney I struggle with the 2020s one but happily Discord defaults to PTT.

1970s: Solder a kit together, find a teletype and set it to half duplex, load paper tape, write 8080 ASM.

@mdhughes @craigmaloney Buying a headset with a hardware mute button was a good choice. I still fail occasionally but less often.

It took some deep digging to find the individual setting, that covered the FF page my jitsi was on to unmute my mic. FFS, I'm a holder of a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. How hard are other folks going to find it? 🤦‍♀️

@craigmaloney 🍬 In our experience, *muting* your microphone has proven to be more challenging than turning it on 🍬


2030s get frustrated that the thingy with the screen doesn't understand the voice command to change the weather to "sun".

@craigmaloney ordering things online in the 2000 was really not common, people feared for usurpation, bad meetings and privacy in general way way more than any time after.

@craigmaloney Fist half of the 1980s: ensure that the tape recorder can still read the tape, and don't forget to write counter position of the software on paper.
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