Remember when applications had titlebars that you could click on and move, instead of having to find three pixels that you can point to to move a window?

Good times.

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@craigmaloney Wait wait wait

You WANTED to arrange things in a sensible fashion for your mind?

Who are you and what did you do with the mouth breathing masses?

@kemonine I just want a guaranteed neutral zone for my mouse to point to that isn't going to start a cascade of things that I don't want to happen.

@craigmaloney there are days where I'm on the edge of rage quitting $desktop and installing Windowmaker.

Hell, even twm managed to be consistent.

@craigmaloney I'm dreading the time when someone over at @gnome decides the little-known way of moving windows with Super+dragging by any point withing the window is not used widely enough and just removes it. Then I will probably have to switch to everything full-screen like we all are seemingly supposed to do by the higher powers. It's not like people need anything else besides a browser with tabs, right?

@isagalaev @gnome I can see a future where windowed environments go by the wayside and, as someone who survived task switching in DOS I am not a fan of this future.

@craigmaloney @gnome what I especially don't understand is what exactly are we trying to fix since circa 2007-2008? The paradigm worked fine, and I welcome styling refreshes from time to time. But everyone suddenly dropping things on the floor and trying to come up with justifications and rationalizations to make desktop behave like Apple iPad, that I don't get. We should know better.

@isagalaev @gnome We're no longer the target audience. It's all about Mobile platforms now.

We're the folks on the terminals screaming that the mainframe is where it's at and 80 columns is good enough for everyone. 😁

@craigmaloney @gnome I don't see a lot of users using Gnome on mobile to justify that. I would've understood if there was a usable Gnome phone or something out there. But it's just wishful thinking. To be on mobile you need apps, not just a launcher UI, and I don't see any pure mobile-first Gnome app ecosystem suddenly kick-starting itself.

Programmers (and creators in general) using laptops and desktops is still (or has to be) the primary audience.

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