covid, in-person meetings 

Look, I know folks are all excited about being double vaccinated and want to throw things to 2019-levels of normal, but until we figure out vaccine effectiveness against the variants and whether folks will need boosters to keep their effectiveness I'm going to say that large in-person gatherings are about as irresponsible as they come.

That goes for users groups, schools, and all of the other things that believe that Fall is when we'll be in our vaccinated wonderland.

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covid, in-person meetings 

@craigmaloney my guess is that we'll need boosters every year or half

covid, in-person meetings 

I kinda want to stay indoors till 2022. I don't trust people not to be selfish, or not take enough precautions. I mean last year we had no idea what was going on. We know a bit more now. But not much. Although to be fair, at times I am very hermity. But last summer with all the folks, some of who refused to wear masks indoors did in all my faith in humanity with this.

covid, in-person meetings 

@onepict I remember going to do curbside pickup and finding that not only was the curbside pickup no longer a thing, but when I went into the store I felt like I was the "other" with my mask on. It was the strangest feeling. From then on we've stayed sequestered.

covid, in-person meetings 

@craigmaloney @onepict I plan on wearing my masks in public for a long while

got all these nice conference masks, wanna keep using them :)

covid, in-person meetings 

@craigmaloney I aanounced that our local group will be remote only through at least July, I've been trying to have it announced a quarter out

now if I could get topics nailed down as well ..

Also, my November conference has decided to be remote so everyone knows prior to the cfp going up, announcement is still forthcoming

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