babylon 5 (mild mention of spoiler) 

The series arc of "War Without End" is still one of the best payoffs of any series that has laid pipe for the departure of an actor.

"Zathras used to being beast of burden. Zathras have sad life, probably have sad death, but at least there is symmetry"

"You are finite. Zathras is finite. This is wrong tool."

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babylon 5 (mild mention of spoiler) 

@craigmaloney I remember reading once a thing an angry fan wrote about all the discrepancies with Babylon Squared and my guy relax, please.

babylon 5 (mild mention of spoiler) 

@srol Honestly the number of things it got right completely outweigh the discrepancies. When you understand _why_ it was written then it makes even more sense. The way this could have been hand-waved like so much netowrk television is a testament to why this series is so special - it didn't go for the easy out.

re: babylon 5 (mild mention of spoiler) 

@craigmaloney @srol I'm only halfway through the first season in my own very belated watchthrough, but this already seems very clear to me. And other other JMS series' I've watched bear it out too.

Very much a writer and showrunner ahead of his time, as we've now finally entered into a world of hyperserialized storytelling whereas he was writing shows that deeply stuck to their own past precedents back in a time where networks *hated* the idea.

babylon 5 (mild mention of spoiler) 

@craigmaloney One of my all time favorite shows...
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