Love it when I find a tool for beautifying json in vim (:%!python -m json.tool) and think "I should add this to something like <leader>j in my .vimrc..."

Only to realize I already did this.

Smart me is smart, but only when I remember I'm smart.

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@craigmaloney had the same feeling earlier.

"Hey, I've been using this file auto-reindent shortcut for a while, I should make a key binding. - Oh."

@craigmaloney We're only as smart as we remember we are...or something.

@craigmaloney `:%jq .` is faster to type and is finished before python has loaded. #vim


I use that and just document the crap out of everything so i can go back and ensure memorization of all the things

now where did i put the keymaps again? 🤔
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