So instead of using Authy as a Chrome App (which works using my existing Chrome Setup)I must now do the following under Ubuntu:

1) snap install --beta authy (because my choices are beta or edge, and stable is for cowards)
2) Run authy as an electron app (because using my already existing Chrome setup is no longer supported by Google).

Welcome to the future. I hate it.

(Note: comments and criticism about snap, electron, Chrome, or Google will be ignored. You're not telling me anything new)

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@craigmaloney I use KeePassXC as an TOTP store. I know.. textbook case of putting all my eggs in the same basket, but atleast it protects me from bad server side security practises.

@ashwinvis Honestly if I were to look for alternatives I'd use something on the command-line, since that's where my password manager is. The last thing I need is another large application to manage and ensure is on all of my machines.

I really miss the Authy Chrome App. It was fast and worked perfectly. 😞

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