Telling someone that they should use X instead of Y is like going to your friend's place to look at their extensive VHS collection and telling them that Betamax is better.

(h/t ifixcoinops for the inspiration)

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@craigmaloney But what if they are developing a Babylon 5 RPG using the D20 system?

@craigmaloney @Capheind Mongoose could just get the license back, but I liked the Chameleon Eclectic version better. Class-based combat game doesn't fit B5 well.

@mdhughes @craigmaloney I own the complete 2nd ed of the D20 Babylon 5 RPG.... i felt compelled to buy it all even though i have no serious intention of ever running it....

@Capheind @craigmaloney I have some of 1st, as sourcebooks they're fine, typical dry Mongoose grinding-out-the-text books. Played the hell out of CE's game, neat story-driven chargen and then almost freeform system. Mostly anti-espionage on the station, a few times the pilots got out in Starfuries to shoot-em-up.

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