OK, time for me to make an apology.

I hadn't used XMPP for quite a while. While I liked it last time I used it there were issues keeping connections and the clients were less than stellar.

While the desktop clients for Linux are still a little shaky I can recommend Quicksy (thank you @moparisthebest for the recommendation).

I've been crabby when people recommend XMPP because I didn't realize that folks have taken XMPP from an early 21st century protocol to a joy to use.

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We'll see how it handles in the outside world and if it passes the friends and family test, but I'm quite pleased so far.

@craigmaloney it won't...

despite the modernization work it's still a PITA and not nearly as friendly as alternatives on windows
@craigmaloney @kemonine In my experience it worked quite well for relatives with an android phone, using conversation (or a linux desktop, using dino-im or gajim, depending on the relative), the main hurdle involved the one relative with iDevices.

@kemonine Eh, my friends suffered through my Jami experiment, so I have hope. This isn't something I'd deploy to my parents, who barely use a smart phone.

@kemonine @craigmaloney Do non-technical "parents" exist that still use windows? My mother hasn't owned a PC/Laptop in years, just uses Conversations on her android.

I can't really recommend any windows clients because I can't recommend windows...

@moparisthebest @kemonine My parents are on Ubuntu Linux but are unlikely to use IM in any form.

@craigmaloney Glad to have you on the team! :)

And sorry if I came off a little harsh earlier, if you have any questions about XMPP in general, feel free to reach out!

I use Dino on the desktop, and Conversations on android.
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