"Spotify helps me discover new music"

Your know what else helps you discover new music?

Bandcamp Daily had a lot of genre-focused posts, even stuffing deep into genres that get overlooked. has dozens of channels.

Music podcasts exist that cover various musical styles.

International radio stations are a great balm for the wasteland of USA radio.

Magnatune is a label that covers many different genres.

Point being there are better ways to find and support artists then Spotify

@craigmaloney That's what got me on Beats Music, and then Apple Music. Human-curated playlists which update weekly, new releases, and then also some randomized suggestions.

I can't stand their live radio stations, they're just the worst nu-disco crap.

@craigmaloney you can also find an artist on spotify and decide to buy the album

@craigmaloney The Candyrat YouTube channel is one of my faovrites.

@craigmaloney Same arguments against YouTube for those who use it the same way than Spotify.

@mwlucas Spotify is quite boring to me. There is so much out there that they don't have. Especially in the electronic music department. Listen to the radio, the show id tags. Try to find whatever you like on spotify. Chances are low to find it.

It's trimmed for mainstream.

Btw, I think the ambient stream on aforementioned site is great for focused work.


I find music on, well, anything BUT spotify. Spotify is useless for my tastes. :flan_shrug:

When I find music I like, I buy the album in MP3. Preferably from bandcamp.

@craigmaloney Radio is still my favourite. And I mean old fashioned FM radio. We have a nice station here, egoFM, that plays my kind of music (lofi, techno, House) and when I like a song, I go to their website where they have a live playlist with buttons to imme3ediatley buy that song on iTunes or Amazon. It's bookmarked and I spent quite some mney that way.

@jwildeboer @craigmaloney big love for egoFM too, it made me discover many bands l like (it is, after all, the radio für Musikentdecker).
But it's a small oasis in a desert of crap commercial FM.

@signaleleven The other source is the Techno Live Sets podcast, where quite often a full tracklist is included in the show notes. @craigmaloney

@jwildeboer @craigmaloney I'm not much for techno, but I highly recommend the Beyond Synth podcast for synthwave.

@craigmaloney Back when web forums were a thing, all had some kind of music section. You learned quickly who on there had similar tastes and followed up on what was mentioned.

Would like to find something like this on here, but hashtags are just too weak (for me) to build some cohesion around a topic. Even Facebook is more useful in that regard.

Other than that, there's a few music channels on Youtube? KEXP has probably been responsible for more than half of my purchases over the past years.

@craigmaloney talking to people. I mean, I can recommend you a frikking ton of Spanish music that you never thought exist.

@craigmaloney tino Casal. Thats for sure. Dinnae ken what kind of music do you like but search "Tino Casal embrujada" in YouTube

Spotify has only had me discover that they rarely have what I want to listen to. This was probably different in the beginning, when they just sourced all the mp3s from #thepiratebay. Back then, if you downloaded a tune from #spotify, you'd most often get some #warez scene info in the #mp3 tags.

@craigmaloney Dropping the link to Hype Machine's Merch Table here for anyone who hasn't seen it: copy and paste in a link to any Spotify playlist and it will search Bandcamp for albums that are available to purchase. Support the artists who showed up in your top 100 for the year!

@drq @funkwhale I want to love Jamendo but it is the one platform where I have undiscovered music rather than discover it. 😁

@craigmaloney @lunchgirl IM Spotify absolutely sucks for discovery. It’s recommendation algorithms have a lot of local attractors so you just get stuck in genre loops.

@craigmaloney Bandcamp should do weekly podcasts by genre or whatever of new music. That plus yours plus Marc Gunn and im set.

@craigmaloney Also getting into the habit to swap music tips with your friends is a great way to do it.

I liked DC++ for discovery.
I'd find someone who shared the album or song I was looking for, and then download a couple of random tracks or albums from the sharer's folder to see what else they liked.
Then I'd go to concerts of the newly discovered artists and buy merch.

@craigmaloney My brother fucking swears by Spotify and I can bloody tell he's not really discovering any new music or even forgotten classics every time he talks about it. When I told him about Warp Records being on Bandcamp, he was absolutely oblivious.

"But it's easy and I can use it anywhere." :blobrollingeyes:

@craigmaloney spotify only really pays for popular artists. Even digital album sales bring in more than streams for smaller artists.

@Craig Maloney ☕ Call me oldschool but I remember a time when one actually was actively searching for new music in shops and zines and talking to people about music. It was very time consuming and expensive but boy was it fun to "hunt" :)

@aerror I still do that, but not everyone here likes spending an hour or more at a record shop looking in every bin. 😁

@craigmaloney "Music discovery convenience" and "Artist support" are two separate, and I dare to say antinomic, concepts. So "Spotify helps me discover new music" isn't a valid argument against "Spotify barely pays artists", but "There are better ways to find and support artists than Spotify" isn't a valid argument against "Spotify helps me discover new music" either.

@hypolite I'm sure there's a point in there, but damned if I'm finding it.

@craigmaloney And its 'discoveries' are always the same predictible mainstream songs.

I keep on discovering more music thru zines, mixtapes, gigs and even P2P such as Soulseek than in that piece of... telemetry software.

@craigmaloney How do you listen/manage to your music?

I moved to Google Music years ago, forced to YouTube Music and hate it's guts.

Issue is, now my playlists, etc. are soooooo different I don't want to re-do them on my local system, plus all the music I'd have to buy.

Was thinking of moving to Spotify with some migration tools but would rather not.

Curious how you, and others, are doing this now?

@PeterSanchez I use the Logitech Squeezebox (LMS) and wrote about it for Linux Journal. I'm not sure it's the solution you're seeking, but it's what I'm using.

@craigmaloney Bandcamp Daily starts their best-of the year this week, too, which is a great way to discover music you might have missed this year. All this week will be genre lists (eg. Best metal of 2020 list was released today). Their Big List best of will be released next week.

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