Best part about growing up in the era of recorded music is I can mix and match each generation's music to make it my own.

1950s Motown Sound? Sure.
1960s Classic Rock and Funk? On it.
1970s Prog Rock? 13/8 me, my good fellow.
1970s Classic Rock? Turn it up, maan.
1970s Krautrock? Ich Bin Ein Musika.
1980s new wave and thrash metal? Don't mind if I do.
1990s Industrial, IDM, British Invasion and Nu Metal? Thank you kindly.
2000s and 2010s remixing of the above? Don't mind if I do.


Point being that you don't have to be locked into whatever your generation dished out to you. You can love the Monkees even if they were defunct before you were born. You can listen to The Stooges even if you've only been around for Iggy's solo career. You can love Jesus Jones unironically. You can mix and match it all. It's perfectly fine.

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