Make your website able to order without me having to drop my defenses for Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin challenge 2020.

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@craigmaloney Does that happen often? It actually happened to me *today*, but I don't remember that happening that often.

Then again, I don't buy that much online, so maybe that's that... 😄

@estebanm Often enough that it drives me batty when it happens.

Usually on restaurant sites for some reason.

@craigmaloney /me has a dedcated user profile for just stupid e-commerce crap

@craigmaloney One of the grocery chain here in the UK Tesco now actively searches for browsers with such add-ons and blocks you from any online purchases. It actually throws an error page telling you your browser is broken.

@craigmaloney In general there is way too many 3rd party tracking things going on, and slowing down many sites with additional wait times and bloated code. I usually arrive without JS turned on just to find out, that even most frontend devs today have forgotten the <noscript> tag.

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