Sponsored sites is how Firefox just becomes the browser that I use to sandbox my interactions with my bank and not be my main browser.


@amcooper Chrome.

(recommendations for me to switch will be filed in /dev/null)

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@craigmaloney I am on FF. I just survey the landscape from time to time. No great options.

@craigmaloney @amcooper
🍬 Tree-style tabs on the right side are the whole reason we still use the Fox as our main browser. Somehow, it has surpassed Chromium in RAM usage. 🍬

@lyrabon @craigmaloney @amcooper wait, Firefox can have tree-style tabs on the right? How do I enable that? Can't see a menu option. :blobcatthinking:

@Polychrome @amcooper @craigmaloney

🍬 Tree-Style Tab is an extension. Its tab listing goes in the same panel that contains history, bookmarks, and synced tabs. You have to edit a user chrome CSS file to turn off the top tab bar. 🍬

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