Sponsored sites is how Firefox just becomes the browser that I use to sandbox my interactions with my bank and not be my main browser.

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@amcooper Chrome.

(recommendations for me to switch will be filed in /dev/null)

@craigmaloney I am on FF. I just survey the landscape from time to time. No great options.

@craigmaloney @amcooper
🍬 Tree-style tabs on the right side are the whole reason we still use the Fox as our main browser. Somehow, it has surpassed Chromium in RAM usage. 🍬

@lyrabon @craigmaloney @amcooper wait, Firefox can have tree-style tabs on the right? How do I enable that? Can't see a menu option. :blobcatthinking:

@Polychrome @amcooper @craigmaloney

🍬 Tree-Style Tab is an extension. Its tab listing goes in the same panel that contains history, bookmarks, and synced tabs. You have to edit a user chrome CSS file to turn off the top tab bar. 🍬

@craigmaloney for some weeks i'm more and more in trouble with Firefox on some apps which isn't well supported. i've discovered recently chromium freeworld for apps which don't work well on firefox specially those using webrtc.
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