I still maintain that this compilation of tracks is both the best and strangest compilation of tracks ever assembled (*)

(*) as far as "serious" compilations, and not the myriad of novelty or shitty "Now That's What I Call Music" or "Music for Year XX" compilations.

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@craigmaloney had noticed that rcently already: is obviously hunted by thoe copyright sharks. Quote "This item is available with audio samples only" - i better go to YOutube, if i just want to listen. Still grat to surf when just looking for inspiration or completely lost music. is one of those queries...

@jayrope I purposefully link to because a) samples, and b) if folks want to find the songs elsewhere they can (eg: Spotify, or what-have-you).

I don't want to give the RIAA et al once extra cent if I can avoid it.

@craigmaloney I like to give to creators directly, but yes, avoiding the music banks as much as possible myself.

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