Only true 80's kids remember these handsome machines

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@craigmaloney my fav! So many good memories of pair programming on one in the CS Lab at U of Minnesota! I think they were sparc5s though(?).

@craigmaloney Though I miss the desktop form factor, CRTs can go suck vacuum. ooh, is that some flavor of hard- drive cartridge system to the right of the Sun? (Back in high school I got to look but not touch one with 20 MB carts) I have a kind of love-hate relationship with pizzabox systems. I love the esthetic, but I sigh at the reduced expansion opportunity.

@LilFluff yeah, though to be fair I don't think there were many things that were created to expand the Sun workstation line.

@craigmaloney I'm surprised it's not parked right next to an Apple IIgs!

@pilum The space in the middle for diskettes is what sold me on that design. 😁

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