Any LaTeX experts out there that could help me?

I'm trying to get the following paragraph to work:

I've tried $)$, but that doesn't seem to get Vim to not complain about solo parens.

The trouble is that something in or above that section is causing this:

]! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text>
l.145 ^^I\noindent\peppercarrotTextCharacter

(145 is where it's called in the peppercarrot.tex file).

What am I doing wrong?

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@craigmaloney You can try `$\left. a \right)$`, this should stop LaTeX complaining about the solo parenthesis.

Also, looking at the code, I found 2 errors that resulted in a “missing $ inserted” error:

On Line 339, you have a backslash before a colon (`\:`), and on Line 2551 there are two underscores

When correcting these two problems, the projects compiles without problem (the bad parenthesis is not even a problem)

@n0m1s That did it. Thank you!

Is there a way to get it to not complain about the \: on 339?

@craigmaloney What do you expect from this command ?
As far as I know, there is no way to suppress this kind of error, but you might be able to achieve the same result another way ? 😀

@n0m1s I'm just trying to fix up things so they don't warn, and apparently one of the suggestions they made for how to do that is wrong. 😁

@craigmaloney I guess the suggestion was about the wrong space after the colon ?

To solve this, you need to place the backslash between the colon and the space (like this: `e.g.:\ your`)

@n0m1s Ah, I must have misunderstood the warning. That worked. Thanks again!

@craigmaloney Do you have any underscores outside a math environment? If so, you can escape them (`\_`). If it's not underscores, it might be something else that LaTeX thinks must be math.

@twsh I did have some left-over markdown in there, but after removing it I'm still finding this error.

One clue is that it's complaining on the paren around `a )`, saying that } is expected, found }, so I'm likely having an issue with unbalanced { at some point.


@twsh I think I'm using that with vim, but I'll add that to my process to clean up things.

Thank you!

@craigmaloney The repo head appears to compile correctly for me, so I can't help directly with debugging. Usually that specific error means that you have a math-only character (it happens for me all the time with underscores _ ).

I am not sure it will help but in LaTeX you can use "\(ABC\)" instead of "$ABC$", this has the same semantics but gives better error messages because it solves the confusion between the opening and closing delimiter.

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