"In the United States, French dressing is regulated by federal standards.[9] The Association of Dressings and Sauces is lobbying to remove this regulation."

TIL: There is an Association of Dressings and Sauces and that they are working to remove regulations on French Dressing.

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@craigmaloney How long before they regulate ranch so it must have buttermilk?

@craigmaloney There’s a show on history channel, I think, that covers all of the big food companies like Kelloggs, Heinz, Post and others. One part of Heinz’ legacy was food standards that made sure people were getting actual food, and not saw dust or rancid tomatoes. It also, conveniently, helped him create a virtual monopoly... but I’m sure that has nothing to do with his motivations. French dressing probably got swept up in this...

@craigmaloney gosh, there must be so much to that story. I want to know more! Citation needed, indeed!

@craigmaloney Just read the whole FDA requirements doc. Now I must know what they want to change.

@craigmaloney The Association of Dressings and Sauces sounds like a front organization for the mafia. 😆​

@craigmaloney if it's not approved by the AD&S, it's not French dressing; it's just sparkling ketchup

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