The reason I use the GPL for software that I personally write is because I want you and everyone else using the software to be able to use the GPL and contribute back.

I love the public domain, but you know who else loved the public domain?

Walt Disney.

He plundered the public domain so hard that the culture almost snapped in half.

Had the Brothers Grimm had a CC-BY-SA license (and used it in perpetuity) you'd be able to make a fairy-tale cartoon without some Disney lawyer getting itchy.

I still find value in public domain works, but nothing makes me give something the side-eye where someone adds a forward to a public domain work and then suddenly the whole work is (c) 2020 CorpCo All Rights Reserved. That's just ridiculous.

Licenses aren't meant for the best of us to play together, it's for the worst of us to know how to play together.

Brothers Grim dies 1859 and 1863, thus any Copyright was expired when Walt Disney started uning these tails (1920, earliest, according to Wikipedia). CC-BY-SA would gave been of no help.

@kirschwipfel This was more a thought experiment. Assume that Sonny Bono and the Creative Commons existed around the time of Napoleon. 😁

@mobian I'm making the assumption that the Grimm's copyright was still enforced. Otherwise it's just Public Domain and doesn't apply.

@craigmaloney Actually iirc the Grimm compiled/drew heavily on traditional (public domain) folk stories, didn't they?

@tagomago @craigmaloney They did. The whole compilation ‘Kinder- und Hausmärchen‘ is based on German folkore stories. According to some suspicious sources on the web, the brothers have never written anything original

@craigmaloney the reason I use the MIT license is that I want to see a giant corporation try to use a DFHack plugin that plays Dwarf Fortress automatically for some kind of business purpose

@craigmaloney I don't know exactly what is the work in question but if you can, use #AGPL instead of #GPL. Also try to use latest version with the “or-later” option (I know this is sometimes not possible, specially when some CC-BY-SA-4.0 work is involved, for which case it's better to use the “only” versions and assign #CreativeCommons as #license #proxy).

@adfeno You're explaining licenses to someone who worked for Sourceforge and runs a Creative Commons licensed podcast. 😁

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