The Google Icon redesign looks amateurish and doesn't make me think of them as professional applications.

I hope whomever did this (be they a consulting firm, internal marketing, etc.) reevaluate their life's choices.

(Note: Yes yes, Google is evil. Tell it to someone who hasn't heard it 100 times from someone more articulate than you. Please tell someone else).

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(attached cause I haven't seen them yet)

wow not great... biggest issue imo is that they made them all look so similar when they're probably gonna be displayed really small, it's like they entirely missed the point of icons

@avery @craigmaloney I am astonished at how frequently multi-billion dollar companies can screw up the basics.

@avery @craigmaloney am I the only one bothered by the sharp edges on the bottom-left and bottom-right sides of the new Gmail logo?

@craigmaloney and in typical google fashion they roll it out the icon changes (like meet) slowly across their other apps wherever they are mentioned to maximize end user confusion.

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