Big shout-out to the Arris modem I rent from my cable company that doesn't show status when it's not completed whatever negotiation with the cable company. doesn't bring back anything unless the network is working. Brillant.

(Dear tech bro: I'm happy you rent your modem. Please inform someone who cares. Thanks!)

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@craigmaloney See also: Google WiFi routers that refuse to route internal (wifi-only) IP traffic if they can't phone home to the mothership.

I hate this timeline. The future is SO DUMB.

@craigmaloney I've seen some that don't offer DHCP until they've completed negotiation - but if you manually configure a computer connected to the modem onto the subnet, then you can still access the page.

@craigmaloney I've wondered if anyone would respond if I stuck flyers up asking "anyone want to build a neighborhood mesh network?"

Or would anyone connect to an open network called lets_build_a_mesh_network.local and figure out they could browse a website named that. (assuming they have mDNS support)

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