Google Stadia is the Google Plus of game streaming:

Lots of exuberant early adopters shaping the platform.
Eventually Google will change it to appeal to a broader audience.
The exuberant adopters will leave, adoption won't happen as quickly as Google would like.
Eventually someone in Google will stop funding it and it will die on the vine.
Tech pundits will both extol the virtues of the platform and eulogize it, or they will say it was foolishness from the get-go

Wash, rinse, repeat.

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I've never logged in our seen a shred of Stadia because I was an avid G+ user and frankly I've already seen this play out.

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Also saying that any Google service is the "Google Plus of..." is a great way to get folks riled up.

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@mdhughes not until Gina Trapani writes a book about it, only to have the service canceled before the book hits the shelves.

especially if they are reminded of how #GPlus was forcefully integrated into other services such as #YouTube :)
(Don't quite see that happening to #Stadia though... wouldn't surprise me if that gets killed off before they even try such a thing ;))

Once they decide to shut it down people will claim that this is "the end of gaming" :D

@craigmaloney TBH, it's probably never going to get off the ground in the first place. The US doesn't have the infrastructure for streaming. Look at how everything is already under strain and then consider many rural areas are still on dial-up and 3G at best. Even urban areas might have spotty cellular data depending on carrier. Only big cities have public Wi-Fi.

Stadia is for a small percentage of people to begin with. Smaller when you get console remote play in the mix.

@bluestarultor @craigmaloney I have a 1GBit connection in Germany and I can confirm that the internet is not the problem. GeForce Now runs flawlessly, but Stadia is still a buggy mess. Perhaps it’s because of Linux, but who knows...

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney Large swaths of America have a 56k connection and nothing else. 1x is all you can expect from a cell tower in many rural areas.

Germany having GB connectivity is great for Germany, but everything here is profit driven and as far as corporations are concerned, bears and wolves are notoriously unprofitable.

@bluestarultor @craigmaloney I actually meant that even if you would have GB internet, Stadia would still run atrociously.

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney Right, but I'm saying the push to digital leaves millions of US citizens out in the cold even before that.

There's a reason the next generation of consoles still have disc drives. Rural gamers are stuck paying a premium to play at all, and God help them with patches if they can even get them. An update could take hours or days to download. A game could take weeks. They'll never game online.

@bluestarultor @GlowingLantern

Mind taking this out of my mentions? I lost interest in this conversation a long time ago. Thanks!

@bluestarultor @craigmaloney Game streaming is completely stupid to begin with. It’s anything but efficient (the internet itself uses the most electricity), adds unnecessary strain when home office and video streaming needs to take priority during a pandemic (and in the future), and reduces the “user’s” control over their games even further. The current price point is also unsustainable in the long term, so people who think that they are saving money will regret their decision in a few years.

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