Amazon Podcasts launched so now I can say clearly that the reason Open Metalcast isn't up there is because of Amazon's No Disparagement clause. I'm not going to invest in a platform where if I play something that Amazon folks don't like then I'll somehow be liable. Screw that and screw Amazon for putting that in there.

Also, no RSS? That's not a podcast, that's a portal.

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@craigmaloney this is a distressing trend with podcast services in general. Hidden or missing feed URLs in an attempt lock you into their particular front end.

@craigmaloney "screw Amazon for putting that in there."

...and for myriad other valid reasons

@bpepple yes, but they replaced it with a Creative Acceptablity Clause, which... No.

That had their chance and they blew it.

@craigmaloney Isn't that Creative Acceptability Clause just enduring that any advertising is acceptable for a general audience and similar to what Apple & Google use?

@bpepple I don't know, because I've literally given it less thought since they asked than I have in this conversation.

@craigmaloney Based on what I've read it's not really dissimilar than Google, Apple, etc., and doesn't seem terribly egregious in comparison.

Regarding the lack of rss, I'd be concerned if they were demanding exclusive podcast distribution rights, but it appears to be just an additional distribution channel, so I'd assume most podcasts have their own sites w/rss.

Overall, I don't see this as any worse than other service, and potentially could help podcasters increase their audiences.

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