Just a quick reminder that Free and Open Source Software isn't a competition among ourselves.

We're fighting against those who would co-opt general purpose computing.

It doesn't matter if you're on the BSD side or the Linux side, or if you believe that KDE is great or that GNOME is amazing (or prefer a tiling window manager). We're all on the same side.

We're at our best when we link our arms together and say in a clear voice, you'll have to pass through all of us to overcome all of us.

That's not to say we wont bicker like siblings, or fuck up along the path. We're human and we'll make mistakes.

But cutting each other down or sabotaging the others doesn't help us. It makes us foolish.

I may not agree with certain licenses that try to make corporations accountable, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sabotage those efforts. For all I know they might work and it's me who lacks the vision to make them work.

But I'll be damned if I let folks denigrate their ability to try.

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(This isn't related to anything in particular, just some thoughts that came about related to unions and the power of other unions not breaking the picket line as much as they were able to.)

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Muting the conversation because we can't have nice things. Enjoy.

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@craigmaloney I enjoy OS/DE/etc. pissing contests as much as the next bloke.

But yeah. We should never ever forget what the mission is and who our enemies really are.

@craigmaloney What does matter is if you maintain that divide. Since we can’t all agree on KDE vs. Gnome, for instance, now each side has half the community with half the people available to work on them. I don’t care what side anyone’s on, but the fact that there are sides does immense harm, by fragmenting the community, even if they all link arms and agree to disagree.

The alternative’s a monoculture though, which is also terrible, so I dunno…

@cy @craigmaloney I think the free software space is small enough, at least in many areas still, that everyone doing what attracts them grows the space, even though it may to some degree be dividing it. It's not a zero-sum game.

@craigmaloney Well, there's a big difference in motivation and therefore result.

Most people doing BSD, Apache, etc., real free licenses, have actual work to do, and we release our software free because someone else may find it useful while doing actual work.

Most GPL software isn't very good, it's built for an ideological purpose rather by or for end-use.

"We hear end-users like desktops, and we want to conquer the desktop, so we made a desktop based on a 30-year-old screenshot of a Mac."

@craigmaloney Political allies of convenience, and rarely even that, aren't holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" or "Join us and share the software".

I have nothing against a political vendetta in a license, if I thought "no Nazis or Communists" was enforceable I'd do it, but first it has to be on useful code to matter.

@mdhughes Yeah, this thread became 100% less fun to monitor. Thanks for evacuating the spirit and the fun out of it.

@clacke If you have a rational argument, use words to make it. If you're just making noises, don't. Also Craig muted the thread, so don't bother him with it.

@craigmaloney Does it matter if I don't actually know what any of those terms mean, use a Windows 7 machine, and just want to get away from FB's obnoxious terms of service and censorship policies.... Lol!

@Daintress We're glad to have all kinds here! Not only software nerds welcome, quite the opposite! 🙂

People come to freedom-oriented software for different reasons, and that's what the above post is about.

Any movement easily splits into sub-movements that quibble amongst themselves about the details.

It's easy to forget about the shared goals people can collaborate on even when they disagree on the details of how.
This is the point at which somebody usually links to the Life of Brian sketch about the PFJ, or the monologue about two baptists meeting on a bridge. 😀
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